About Us

Our Statements

Our Mission

To conduct the LGE that promotes and safeguards the democratic aspirations of the citizens or (Puntland people).

Our Vision

Promotion of accountable local governance through credible and transparent local government election (LGE)

Our Mandate

The Transitional Puntland Electoral Commission (TPEC) was established with a mandate to oversee the following processes:

Our Core Values

What We Did

TPEC’s mission is to realize the aspirations of the people of Puntland for a free and fair election.

To achieve this goal, important work needs to be done to implement the elections at all levels of the Puntland government, most importantly the preparation of the rules and guidelines for the elections and the registration and verification of political parties.




Preliminary Election


Polling Stations


Election Voters




Working staff


TPEC has achieved most of its mandate and has made clear plans in a short period of time, and is now on the holding of the preliminary elections in Eyl, Ufayn and Qardho districts and I am confident that the Independent Electoral Commission will succeed. the hopes of the people that this election will take place in a transparent manner
Said Abdullahi Deni
Puntland President
Civil society appreciates the extensive efforts of the Transitional Electoral Commission in its short tenure.
Faysal Qaran
PDRC commends the hard work so far by the Puntland Transitional Electoral Commission (TPEC).
PDRC Press release